Lush Film Festival 2017

Lush Film Festival 2017

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Goodbye summer and hello film festival season. After all the summer blockbusters and hot summer nights (although weren’t many of those this year) comes September, and with it a glut of film festivals. The first was Lush Film Festival. Wait, Lush as in the can’t mistake it when you walk past one of their shops Lush. Yes, the people who twenty two years ago introduced the UK to the bath bomb are back and now with an independent film festival.

In keeping with their ethos of environmental sustainability and anti-animal testing have created an independent film festival showcase to help emerging and establish filmmakers highlight the voices that often get drowned out by the media.

2017 is the inaugural year for the Lush Film Fund with a £250,000 grant set aside to help independent filmmakers who apply make their film. All independent filmmakers there is another fund out there – the message BRWC took away from the evening is Lush want to get independent voices heard.

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On the 5 September, in their rather, pardon the pun, lush screening room – think scattered cushions, wooden flooring and soft lighting we were treated to a showcase of what to expect and an excerpt of a rather heart rendering documentary called Refugee following the plight of a Syrian family making the exodus from Syria to Germany.

The other highlight of the night was a preview screening of Bruce Parry’s latest documentary.

The Lush Film Festival took place over two days 4 and 5 September 2017 at Lush Soho Studio, 67-71 Beak Street, London W1F 9SW.

If you are interested in watch films and documentaries that stimulate debate and inspire the collective conscience then this is definitely a film festival you should look out for. Oh, and did we mention there was free vegan food on offer – a definite added bonus!

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