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Jen and Fahrang are a charming young couple. They film their cutesy pillow talk, they people-watch at the park, and they goof around at the hardware store while they pick up tools for their DIY projects.

The problem is, their DIY project is thrill-seeking murder, their trips to the park are prowls for potential victims, and they’re documenting the whole demented endeavour with their video camera.

This found-footage horror from co-directors Nick McAnulty (who also writes) and Brian Allan Stewart chronicles the calculating couple’s plan to kidnap, torture, and kill a random stranger, before dismembering and disposing of their corpse. But as their ideas become realities, it transpires that one of them isn’t quite as enthusiastic about the scheme as the other.

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The film’s trump card is its believable – if not necessarily likable – central characters, played with chilling authenticity by Farhang Ghajar and first-timer Jennifer Fraser. Their arguments over cleaning the bathroom, for example, would be familiar to anyone that’s lived with a partner, were it not for the fact that they are washing blood and bits of intestine out of the tub.

The film doesn’t skimp on the gore, and the well-executed practical effects, coupled with the faux-documentary filming, make for some truly stomach-churning moments.

But it’s the cold-blooded couple’s detached attitude to their actions that is most disturbing, from their equal opportunities approach to victim selection (‘But no gay guys or minorities – I don’t want it to look like a hate crime.’), to Fahrang’s delight in getting a discount on a power saw because there was a dent in the box.

Perhaps aiming to become a Natural Born Killers for the Millennial generation, Capture Kill Release might not be an overly enjoyable watch, but it is a fairly novel entry in an often stale subgenre, and should spark the interest of horror fans. Capture Kill Release is out now on VOD.

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