Thomas White 22POSTS

Thomas is a musician, writer and film enthusiast with a broad taste in films, from Big Night to The Big Combo. When he isn’t immersed in these activities his passions extend to the kitchen and food.

Tatev: Review

By Thomas White.  Following the death of her father, a young woman, Tatev (Sona Burnham), ties up loose ends in her current life before planning

Hurt By Paradise

Hurt By Paradise: Review. By Thomas White.  Single mother Celeste Blackwood and her soulmate Stella Mansell are two friends living in London, each pursuing

Lucid film

By Thomas White.  Zel, a lonely introverted young man, is offered the chance to overcome his social anxiety through lucid dreaming. A simple plot holding

Oleander: Review

By Thomas White.  Oleander is the story of a precocious teenager and her rebellion against the religious principles of her Christian abstinence program.  Narrated by voiceover


By Thomas White.  Hogwood is an unflinching documentary which uncovers the shocking conditions under which animals are subjected to in the factory pig farming industry.