Thomas White 22POSTS

Thomas is a musician, writer and film enthusiast with a broad taste in films, from Big Night to The Big Combo. When he isn’t immersed in these activities his passions extend to the kitchen and food.

Tribes: Review

Tribes could almost be seen as a variation on the classic: ‘An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman’ joke, substituting the nationalities to African

Lola: Review

Lola: Review - Ruby and Paul are a young couple experiencing a rift in their relationship. A lack of communication brings on Ruby’s growing

Clapboard Jungle: Review

An intimate and personal journey of independent filmmaker Justin McConnell’s quest to survive in the turbulent and over-saturated current film business. It is a

dọlápọ̀ is fine

A young black woman, ready to leave boarding school, struggles with pressures to make changes to her identity for a job in the City.  Dọlápọ̀’s

The Announcement: Review

A married couple and their adult son reveal surprising truths about themselves during the course of an evening dinner in a smart restaurant.  Based around