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Ros is as picky about what she watches as what she eats. She watches movies alone and dines solo too (a new trend perhaps?!). As a self confessed scaredy cat, Ros doesn’t watch horror films, even Goosebumps made her jump in parts!

film reviews | movies | features | BRWC Review: Deliver Us From Evil

A hardened lapsed Catholic NY cop who comes across unexplained supposedly paranormal events. He crosses paths with a non conventional Jesuit priest fighting for

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The film is inspired by the life of Jimmy Gralton, the only Irishman ever to be deported from the Republic of Ireland and died

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Do you sometimes wish that you could see a film before its’ general release date to avoid the crush to see it? Or worse

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Annette Bening ('Ann') and Ed Harris ('Tom and Garrett') act in the Face of Love about a widow who lost her husband 5 years

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The opening five minutes of this film is silent, we see an old man replaying his happiest memory of going to surprise his wife