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Mark is an Australian who likes movies, a lot. Now he studies and writes about them. Will watch anything Scorsese has ever touched.

The Beach Bum

Character studies can make for spectacular films. They are a versatile basis for any filmmaker looking to develop depth in the story they are

Joker: The BRWC Review

Joker: The BRWC Review. Evocative, dark, twisted and utterly mesmerising, that is what Todd Phillips has done with Joker. When the announcement first

Ride Like A Girl: Review

Some movies can get by on heart alone. The pieces may not all tie together perfectly, and there may be a few moments where


Humanity is at its best when we raise each other up and fight for a greater good. That is the ultimate virtue of being

The King

The lives of people that changed the course of human history so often find themselves subject to cinematic representation. In the case of Henry V, that representation