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Mark is an Australian who likes movies, a lot. Now he studies and writes about them. Will watch anything Scorsese has ever touched.

Gemini Man: The BRWC Review

Gemini Man: The BRWC Review. There is a moment in Ang Lee’s Gemini Man where the two main characters, both of whom are

talking about trees

Talking About Trees: BRWC LFF Review: One of the greatest aspects of cinema is that it is a worldwide art form. Meaning there are

A Million Eyes: BRWC Raindance Review

The world, damaged as it may be, is an inherently beautiful place. You can find that beauty in the most unexpected of places, including

Judy: The BRWC Review

Judy: The BRWC Review. I will always be a staunch defender of biopics. They are so often criticised as avenues for mere imitations

Wake: Review

I often find myself using the term melodrama as a dirty word, particularly when critiquing low budget independent films. I acknowledge that I shouldn’t