Esme Betamax 76POSTS

Esme Betamax is a writer and illustrator. Often found in the Cube Microplex. Favourites include: I ♡ Huckabees, Where the Buffalo Roam, Harold & Maude, Being John Malkovich and In the Shadow of the Moon.


In a barren landscape ravished by war, Molly, a super-powered young woman roams the violent post-apocalyptic landscape, armed only with a bow and arrow,

Cold Souls

It’s BRWC’s 10th birthday! A fine time to cast our minds back and look on the film world of 2009 with the jaded cynicism

Ian McKellen

McKellen: Playing the Part is a laid-back but frank documentary on the career of British theatre and film sweetheart Ian McKellen. A methodical, chronological


Filmworker is a documentary by Tony Zierra based on the life and career of Stanley Kubrick’s right hand man: Leon Vitali. Vitali had made a

Have A Nice Day

“What’s going on today? Everything is fucked up.” Have a Nice Day is the second animated feature from Chinese director Jian Liu, following 2010’s Piercing