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BRWC is short for battleroyalewithcheese, which is a blog about films.

film reviews | movies | features | BRWC Review: Julian Richards' Darklands

Julian Richards’ movie Darklands was first released in the UK already in 1997 and has since then been shown at many festivals around Europe

film reviews | movies | features | BRWC Gate Of Hell - Blu-Ray Review

During an attempted coup d'etat on the emperor's palace samurai Moritoh (Kazuo Hasegawa) rescues court lady Kesa (Machiko Kyo). During the short time that

film reviews | movies | features | BRWC César & Rosalie - Review

Claude Sautet's 1972 romantic drama pits obnoxious salesman César (Yves Montand) against reserved artist David (Sami Frey) as they vie for the affections of Rosalie

film reviews | movies | features | BRWC Movie Review - Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Meyers

In the 21st century right now we have Twilight Saga to drive people crazy. Back in the last century, people had the Halloween Saga

film reviews | movies | features | BRWC Material Pleasures: Craig Freimond’s Stand Up Film About Life, Love & Other Funny Business

Material is a labour of love, both in its construction and its content. Taking over seven years of writing and refining to get it