Bella Bevan 18POSTS

Bella is an actress, singer, scriptwriter, theatre producer and blogger living in London, hailing from Melbourne Australia. Her favorite films are Almost Famous and The Princess Bride, and loves all things Hitchcock and Marilyn Monroe.

Turf Nation

Turf Nation is a well-made documentary short film, that gives insight into the roots of the American Oakland-born dance form- Turfing, and also highlights

Kindling: Review

Kindling is an important and insightful new short-film about female relationships, following the event of one young woman’s abortion.  This Coming-of-Age Drama tells the story

Kindling: Director Xinyi Zhu Interview

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Xinyi Zhu, director of the brilliant new short-film: Kindling. This Coming-of-Age Drama focuses on estranged friends who reunite when one

The Rental: The BRWC Review

The Rental: The BRWC Review - Dave Franco’s directorial debut is a thriller/horror depicting two young couples who rent an Airbnb for a weekend away

How To Build A Girl: The BRWC Review

How To Build A Girl: The BRWC Review - A heartwarming, British coming-of-age story that deals with class, body positivity, and succeeding as a