Bella Bevan 17POSTS

Bella is an actress, singer, scriptwriter, theatre producer and blogger living in London, hailing from Melbourne Australia. Her favorite films are Almost Famous and The Princess Bride, and loves all things Hitchcock and Marilyn Monroe.

French Exit: The BRWC Review

A quirky comedy/drama that takes a melancholy look at New York’s upper class.  French Exit tells the story of aging widowed Manhattan socialite, Frances (played

Martyr: Review

Martyr is a Lebanese art-house drama film written and directed by Mazen Khaled about the sudden drowning of a young man at a seaside


Playdurizm is the debut feature film by the young artist, Gem Deger, who writes, directs and stars in this avant-garde sci-fi/fantasy/horror.  The strange and frankly

Jonathan Furmanski Interview

Jonathan Furmanski is the cinematographer who lensed every single episode of HBO Max’s cult crime comedy series Search Party, which returned for its fourth

Chronic: Writer Charlotte Paradise & Director Milly Garnier Interview

Chronic: Writer Charlotte Paradise and Director Milly Garnier interview Chronic is a short film currently in development by a team of young female creatives. It