Allie Loukas 33POSTS

Allie is an actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, and comedian from Chicago, Illinois. Her first feature "Kathryn Upside Down" was released in 2019 by Random Media and 1091 Media. She idolizes John Hughes, but when she's not thinking about movies she's putting together outfits and reading up on the latest fashion trends, her favorite designer is Marc Jacobs.

The Blue: Review

Samuel Kihagi’s “The Blue” follows Francois (Lee Bingham) living a life of solitude as a filmmaker and screenwriter who spends most of his days

joel potrykus relaxer

“Relaxer” is a dark comedy, semi-dystopian film from Joel Potrykus. The film follows an unhygienic, unkept slacker named Abbie (Joshua Burge.) The year is

Chained For Life: Review

“Chained For Life,” written and directed by Aaron Schimberg, challenges notions we have surrounding people, beauty, filmmaking, the way audiences visually consume films, and

the misogynists movie

Set largely in a New York hotel room in 2016, “The Misogynists,” from filmmaker Onur Turkel, follows people on various ends of the political

Rock Paper Scissors: Final Girls Berlin Review

Rock Paper Scissors (Piedra, Papel, Y Tijera). Rock Paper Scissors is a slow burn psychological thriller from Macarena Garcia Lenzi and Martin Blousson. Set