Allie Loukas
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Allie is an actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, and comedian from Chicago, Illinois. Her first feature "Kathryn Upside Down" was released in 2019 by Random Media and 1091 Media. She idolizes John Hughes, but when she's not thinking about movies she's putting together outfits and reading up on the latest fashion trends, her favorite designer is Marc Jacobs.

Elvis: That’s The Way It Is

Elvis: That’s The Way It Is - Review. What can I say about Elvis Presley that hasn’t already been said? He is an


As a fan of psychological thrillers and loop films, think “Groundhog Day” (1993) and “Happy Death Day” (2017) I was curious, interested, and expecting

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WORTH (wert): Review - Throughout history there has always been a stigma attached to a woman’s period. The topic of a woman bleeding monthly

long shot

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron co-star as an odd couple in “Long Shot.” The film follows an awkward, foul-mouthed drug loving journalist Fred Flarsky