Maestra: Review

Maestra: Review

Maestra: Review. By Richard Schertzer.

If you had the chance to take on a rigorous competition if it knew that it would change you and your family’s lives forever, would you do it? All signs say that most people would and this movie proves it perfectly. 

The story weaves a tale of multiple women who are attempting to break the glass-ceiling in conducting that is most commonly dominated by men. The women come from différent parts of the world, with différent backgrounds and have their own unique style to the craft.

Director Maggie Contreras is able to capture the heart and soul of, not only the competition itself, but the vigor, intensity and passion of the women who participated in the event and it does such wonders for talented women in the industry of conducting.

The movie benefits from its raw authenticity that seems to be missing from a lot of movies. Its sincerity and endearing charm is what keeps it afloat around a weary world that surrounds it and it certainly is able to stand on its own two feet.

It’s also worth noting that each woman is incredibly talented and showcasing that talent in this film is truly remarkable.

All in all, this film is a symphony of beautiful and dulcet tones that makes for such entertaining viewing. 

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