Shift: Review


Shift: Review. By Richard Schertzer.

If you would like to watch a slacker act like a voyeur around a beautiful woman, this might be the film for you. If not, you need not apply. The film certainly seems like an ordeal to sit through almost like we feel like the protagonist but without the thrills.

The film follows Tom who takes a lame job as a security job watching the cameras on the night shift. He notices a beautiful woman going in and out of warehouse facilities with strange men. This piques Tom’s interest and he begins to call nighttime radio to vent about what he previously saw.

Admittedly, this film wants to be Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window but it will never be Rear Window. It doesn’t have the same stakes and the characters are too paper-thin for anyone to care about them. 

The actors certainly try their best with the flimsy material that they were given but it doesn’t seem like anyone really wants to be there. It’s like the rest of the movie is phoning it in for the whole duration of the film. 

The cinematography is actually very impressive, cutting from long shots of Tom at his desk and panning over to the small screens of the security desk. It’s also nice to see some shots with a deep depth of field where it seems that everything is in focus. That doesn’t really make up for the film lacking in other areas.

Overall, the film is not very interesting in its execution and fails to embody anything différent with its derivative plot. 

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