Fck’n Nuts: Review

Fck'n Nuts

Sandy (Maddie Nichols) is living the dream life that any young woman would want to live. She lives in a perfect house with her parents and her boyfriend, Dan (Vincent Stalba) loves her very much. However, there’s something very strange about Sandy’s parents and ultimately, she knows that her boyfriend must never meet them. Unfortunately, he’s so in love that he simply must take it to the next level. At his own cost.

Fck’n Nuts is a surreal short movie written and directed by Sam Fox which sets its tone as almost a horror movie, but with a Fifties aesthetic. Looking like something that has leaped from the pages of an old comic book, Fox brings us into her world which some may love and others may find a bit overwhelming.

It feels like Fck’n Nuts is right up there with Fox’s previous work which is bold, brash and unashamed. Looking like an Oliver Stone fever dream, Fck’n Nuts fills its time with unhinged comedy and horror all presented to leave an impact.

Fans of things such as Creepshow and Tales from The Crypt may be interested by Fox’s story, because although there isn’t any outright horror, it feels like her direction is ripe for the genre. Being able to create an atmosphere while hitting her audience over the head with a state of confusion, only adding to the dreamlike quality of Fck’n Nuts.

Every part of the production has been ramped up to the highest level and feels designed to provoke and perhaps even delight audiences bored with the mainstream. This makes Fox a unique director who may gain a cult following if she were ever to go into feature films.

Turning the everyday and mundane into something lively, chaotic and comedic all in the space of ten minutes is something to behold and may take the breath away of its audience. However, it may also leave some audiences wondering what they just watched because the punchline is perhaps not as good as the prestige.

Fck’n Nuts is for a certain type of person, the kind of person that doesn’t see the world the same way as everybody else. Meaning that perhaps they could find something in Fox’s work that tells them that they’re not alone.

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