Black Noise: Review

Black Noise: Review

Ryan (Wayne Gordon) leads an elite team on various missions as part of their mercenary work. All having had various experiences in military or covert ops, they’re all highly trained and able to deal with anything.

Hearing about a rich man who will pay them handsomely if they came to his rescue, Ryan brings his team together so they can get the job done. However, once there, a loud and crippling noise is emitted and runs through their body, leaving them unable to control their actions. All except Jordan (Alex Pettyfer) who seem immune – at least for now.

Black Noise is a supernatural action movie directed by Phillippe Martinez and co-written by Sean-Michael Argo and Leigh Scott. The kind of movie that may remind audiences of something like Predator in its set up, but without the budget or depth of plot.

The problems with Black Noise are many and varied and the audience may have thought that something so simple would have been hard to get wrong. However, very little to go on in terms of characters and story then the audience may stop caring.

Aside from the trauma that’s brought about by the Black Noise, the audience doesn’t really have a lot to go on in terms of character. They’re introduced to the characters as Ryan gets the gang together, but there’s just nothing to them to make the audience care before their demise. It’s simply as if they’ve been introduced as cannon fodder so that they can all die one by one.

Unfortunately, this goes for Jordan as well. The only character who seems unaffected by the Black Noise, the audience may think that there’s some hope in finding a solution. However, with Jordan’s trigger-happy attitude and Pettyfer’s blank slate performance he’s a hard protagonist to support.

The finale may also leave audiences frustrated (if they even get there) as those looking for any answers will be left disappointed. Black Noise may have started out with an interesting premise, but all it ends up being is something that goes on in the background that you could forget about.

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