Texas, USA: Review

Throughout the world there are stereotypes that to an extent we all believe in some way. From an outsider’s view it seems like Americans all get tarred with the same brush too. They seem to be beer swilling, gun totting right wing crazy people who hold onto a piece of paper which was written hundreds of years ago.

Even Texas, perhaps more so than others, gets the worst wrap of it even within its own country. The image of the Stetson wearing, shoot before thinking kind of cowboy is part of what America builds its identity around, but also perhaps the stereotype they like the least.

Texas, USA is a documentary directed by Andrew Morgan which is about the Texans who want to see a change in their home state. Not only in terms of subverting the stereotype, but by changing the way people think. Because whereas a lot of the Texan stereotype isn’t true, there’s no smoke without gunfire.

Following various Democratic candidates, Texas USA outlines the different points of view and the perhaps surprising amount of diversity within the state. There’s Gregorio Casar, the first Latino male to run for office. Lina Hidalgo, not only the first woman but the first Latina to be elected to office in Texas.

Also, Beto O’Rourke who perhaps fits the mould of the white, middle aged male politician. However, still a man who firmly believes that his state can change.

There are also campaigners such as Adri Perez, a transgender person who fights for the rights of people in the LGBTQIA+ community. Together they paint a picture of the type of person an outsider may not usually expect to find in Texas, let alone somebody so passionate about making a change.

Looking at every issue from gun control to abortion laws, Texas, USA is a documentary that shows that there’s change around the corner, but there’s still a long way to go. Whilst it may not convert the staunchest Republican, it may give pause to some who realise that change could be on the horizon. After all, you can’t really fight progress.

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