Eat The Rich: Review

Eat The Rich: Review

Evie Elkins (Morgan Bow) works a dead-end job as a waitress where she’s forced to serve the rich and entitled while they treat her badly. She lives with her mother and her daughter and in her free time she enjoys playing table top RPGs online with friends.

One day the discussion turns political and their friend, Adam (Cody Alexander) starts to vent his frustration about how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and there’s nothing they can do about it. However, when they find out that Adam has kidnapped a congressman to try and redress the balance, the whole group find themselves involved in a serious crime.

Eat The Rich is a crime drama with elements of comedy and horror written and directed by Kermet Merl Key. Shot during the height of the pandemic, Key and his crew try to put something together which is relevant with social commentary as prevalent now as it’s always been.

As Evie and her friends keep the congressman hostage, they start to realise that they don’t know what they’re doing. Thrown into a completely unknown situation for them, it feels like Adam is the only one with a plan. The trouble is that Adam’s influences aren’t entirely of this world.

Unfortunately, this is where the trouble lies for the movie. That’s because for about a third of the relatively low budget movie, its presented almost as a crime comedy. Making the audience think that perhaps they will end up doing the right thing and learn their lessons.

However, when the horror aspect kicks in it becomes far more Lovecraft inspired than the audience may have expected. Making the movie feel like two stories put together as director Key may have not had a wholly realised plan.

The jarring addition of the supernatural may put off some viewers who were expecting something more casual and this goes along with an amateurish, but enthusiastic production. Perhaps a more promising start considering it’s Key’s debut feature, Eat The Rich still feels like its finer points could have been ironed out in a second draft.

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