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deliver us

Starting off your movie with people kneeling side-by-side in line, as they get beheaded one after another is one of the best and boldest ways to instantly grab an audience’s attention. You’re already left questioning so much about the scene, such as who are these people? Why are they getting beheaded? And why does the photography look so good?

The religion as horror movie Deliver Us has more on its mind than beheadings, namely the origins of good and evil, justified murder, taking your faith in God too far, and hot people getting it on. Let’s talk about it.

Written by Lee Roy Kunz and Kane Kunz (A Beer Tale), and directed by Cru Ennis (in his directorial debut) and Lee Roy Kunz (A Beer Tale, Delirium), Deliver Us follows Sister Yulia, played by Maria Vera Ratti (Miss Marx), a Catholic nun who becomes pregnant with twin boys through immaculate conception in a Russian convent.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Russo, played by Alexander Siddig (Skylines, 21 Bridges), the head of the diocese, accompanies Father Fox, played by Lee Roy Kunz (Boys of Abu Ghraib, Mr. Sadman), a priest who’s on the verge of leaving the priesthood after he falls in love and impregnates a businesswoman named Laura, played by Jaune Kimmel (Kids of the Night), to investigate her claims.

However, the pair discover a secret order of priests (the one doing all the beheadings) who believe an ancient prophecy that one of Sister Yulia’s children is the Messiah and the other is Anti-Christ. They are tasked with killing one of her babies, but which one?

Although it takes place in the snowy landscapes of Russia and Estonia, Deliver Us is a hot movie. It’s just sexy! Set aside the religious iconography, all of the actors are hot and they have steamy dreams about having sex with each other. Plus, there’s something naughty about priests and nuns going at it that intensifies the eroticism.

In addition, the filmmaking craft is on point and very impressive with stunning imagery and thoughtful framing from scene-to-scene. There’s a pair of keen eyes behind the camera, while the editing is sharp and meaningful. While the film is over-the-top with blood, gore, and sex, Deliver Us is smart, as it’s oozing with atmosphere, intensity, and suspense. It’s a very visceral movie.

It’s a film with a lot on its mind when it comes to Christianity, faith, and starting an unconventional family. Since Father Fox is about to leave the priesthood because he wants to start a family in Edmonton, Canada with his lover, there’s an idea of what it means to be a good Christian instead of being a bad priest that is poignant and well-considered.

All in all, Deliver Us is not for the squeamish or the faint of heart — especially with its subject matter and manner of brutal filmmaking — but if you’re on board with the religious horror sub-genre, then they’re a lot to enjoy and takeaway. It will stay with you long after the movie ends.

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