Piglady: Review

Piglady: Review

After a long year, two couples decide that they need to reward themselves with a trip away over the festive season. Brittany (Alicia Karami) and Randy (Jeffrey Hunter) have been together for a while and are nicely comfortable with each other, while Adrianna (Karri Davis) and Hunter (Adam Fair) still can’t keep their hands off each other, so they’re looking forward to an exciting break.

However, there are reports of a woman colloquially known as the Piglady who has been known to kill people and feed them to their pigs and it seems that they may have found some new victims.

Piglady is a horror movie directed by Adam Fair and co-written by Alex C. Johnson, inspired by the true story of Susan Monica who was said to have finished off her victims in the same way. However, despite its set up for a horror movie which would sound generic if it wasn’t based on fact, it still seems like Piglady doesn’t know how to deliver.

Something that may have been seen time and time again, the idea of an isolated, psychopathic hillbilly is nothing new. Although the way in which the movie depicts the Piglady may be somewhat unique. This is done by discussing the nature of the Piglady, suggesting their ambiguous gender identity and whether it really matters.

However, in doing so it does feel that raising the point of their gender only adds to the unknown, which may frighten some audience members further. Although, having the Piglady being shot mostly from behind with hair over their face does help with the sinister nature of the character, it may also inadvertently push forward the discussion of so called ‘gender criticism’.

If this aspect were removed, then Piglady would just be a more generic albeit enjoyable horror movie. The problem is that whilst it’s fleshing out its protagonist, it falls on the cliches of the gang trapped in a cabin in the woods.

Leaving some bored while it slowly builds up to its finale, it may be up to the audience to decide as to whether the blood-soaked finale was worth the wait.

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