Haunting Of The Queen Mary: Review

Haunting Of The Queen Mary: Review

The year is 1938 and the Ratch family are trying to have a better time aboard the Queen Mary than society allows. Posing as first-class passengers when they could only afford third, David (Will Coban), Gwen (Nell Hudson) and their daughter, Jackie (Florrie Wilkinson) all enjoy a fine dining experience, the kind that they could only dream about.

In the present day, Anne Calder (Alice Eve) and her son, Lukas (Lenny Rush) are heading for the Queen Mary which has been set up as a tourist attraction. Hoping to get an idea of what a supernatural experience would be like, Anne meets her husband, Patrick (Joel Fry) who already works there. They send Lukas on his way as he excitedly joins the haunted tour and although Anne is worried, she has to understand that Lukas is growing up.

However, once Lukas goes off the tour and starts to wander, he realises that the reports of ghosts still haunting the ship may have more weight than he thought.

Haunting of The Queen Mary is a supernatural horror movie co-directed by Gary Shore and Rebecca Harris and co-written by Tom Vaughn. A ghost story with atmosphere, but the audience may get the feeling that something may have gone wrong during production.

That something must have occurred in the editing room. That’s because although there could have been a coherent story here as it parallels the experiences of two families nearly a century apart, it feels like the directors or writers wanted to do something more.

This may have also unfortunately led to a lot of things being cut out, things such as exposition and a semblance of plot. Because for the most part it feels like the audience are meant to be able to keep up.

Instead, Haunting of The Queen Mary feels like three different movies all at once with very little connection between the stories. Add to that a director’s flair for artistry which involves black and white scenes and a little animation and the result is a muddled mess. Haunting of The Queen Mary may look stylish, but nobody would blame the audience for getting bored and confused.

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