The Haunting Of Hell Hole Mine: Review

The Haunting Of Hell Hole Mine: Review

The Haunting Of Hell Hole Mine: Review

Centuries ago, at the beginning of the conflict between Native Americans and the colonising forces, a family laid claim to a valuable mine. However, there was a curse placed on the mine by a Native American tribe so that escape from the mine would be impossible. In the present day, Poni (May Myat Noe) is with her uncle Luke (Paul Collett) and aunt Dawn (Tori Lane Ross) and completely unaware of her family’s curse.

However, Poni keeps experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations, hallucinations that affect her so badly that she ends up in hospital. Realising that the medical bills may mount up, Luke decides to go back into the mine which is still there after all this time to find the treasures hidden inside.

The only issues are that Luke’s brother Roscoe (Tom Sizemore) wants a share of what he finds and the family curse comes into effect while they are searching.

The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine is a supernatural horror directed by Paul Collett and Tammy Massa and co written by Robbie Trujillo. The kind of story which often appears in horror, luckily The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine tries to subvert these expectations.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of direction in terms of the story and not a lot to make the audience feel fear in the villains nor care for the people in danger. Everything about how The Haunting of Hell Hole Mine suggests that the audience may know where it’s going. However, it feels like it brushes aside good opportunities and waters down others.

The supernatural threat also doesn’t seem to be all that interesting either as despite a couple of times when Luke and Dawn go to consult somebody about the legend, not a lot happens which may make the audience think that they’re in danger. Neither does it add anything with Roscoe coming in and out made to look threatening.

With their being little to no motive for Roscoe’s behaviour or any set rules for the curse, this may feel confusing to the audience. In the end Hell Hole Mine feels lacklustre and with a better editor and a few more drafts it could have been made into something more coherent.

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