Exceptional Beings: Review

Exceptional Beings: Review

The gods are still among us it seems and they’re always looking down to see what we are doing. Athena (Ciarra Carter) and Hermes (Dane Oliver) are taking a special interest in the world and something which especially intrigues them is when they meet Mina (Rachel Thundat).

Appearing to be mortal, Athena and Hermes just can’t fathom her existence as it becomes clear that she can see them and can seemingly cross between worlds. The only thing they can do is to interrogate her and with the help of Apollo (Victoria Antonelli), find out who or what Mina really is.

Exceptional Beings is a philosophical drama about what it means to be a god and how precious human existence can be. Using a mixture of high concept and thoughtful dialogue, directors Njedeh Anthony and Christian Kazadi try to give the audience a little spark of drama along their intricate musings.

However, it seems that the mixture of the two isn’t all that successful. Giving an audience the idea of a story where the Greek gods walk the Earth may be appealing and the low budget may give off some quietly impressive effects from time to time. The problem is that Anthony’s script seems to want to have its cake and eat it as well and the dialogue may put off and confuse wider audiences.

Not to mention the times where the audience is expected to follow the story, which can be a challenge. Leaving the movie feeling a little disjointed, Exceptional Beings takes the audience through a couple of scenarios before seeming to settle down on the plot. However, this seems short lived as it can’t seem to help itself by going off in another direction.

For example, a scene between two humans starts off in an ordinary way before escalating past the point of credibility and is barely mentioned until the final moments of the movie. This makes Exceptional Beings feel like an idea that perhaps needed some more work so figure out what was needed and what wasn’t.

In the end the audience may wonder what it was all about, but there may be something there for fans of Greek mythology and heavy dialogue.

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