Breakout: Review

Vincent Baros (Kristos Andrews) has made a serious mistake. Firstly, he’s decided to turn to a life of crime, secondly during a shootout he kills an undercover cop and is sent to prison for a very long time.

His father, Alex (Louis Mandylor) is understandably very disappointed in his son, but he’s still willing to make amends and decides to visit him in prison. However, it becomes clear that there’s still bad blood between them and Vincent isn’t going to let it lie.

This matter is only made worse when notorious criminal Max Chandler (Brian Krause) decides to execute his plan of taking over the prison during Alex’s visit. This causes a problem for him because Alex’s background is in Black Ops and he finds himself taking the law into his own hands in order to save his son.

Breakout is an action thriller directed by Brandon Slagle and co-written by Robert Thompson and Devanny Pinn. Showing its influences proudly on its sleeve, Breakout attempts to reignite the excitement of late Nineties/early 2000’s movies such as Con Air and The Fast and The Furious. It has everything that an audience may expect from that kind of movie with a liberal sprinkling of Die Hard to go on top.

Giving the impression of a movie with a much bigger budget, Breakout manages to use its score, action and cinematography in order to give audiences the nostalgia of an action movie they just don’t make anymore. However, those looking for something with a bit more of a modern edge or originality may want to look elsewhere.

Breakout is a combination of those kinds of action movies you remember, but unfortunately without the things that made them so great. With movies such as the Fast and Furious franchise, part of the appeal is on the big action set pieces, and although Breakout tries, the choreography just doesn’t seem to hit the spot.

Also, despite their best efforts the cast don’t quite have the chemistry or performance value to pull off what they’re trying to achieve. Making Breakout feel like it was so busy trying to look the part that it forgot the vital ingredients.

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