Blood Covered Chocolate: Review

Blood Covered Chocolate: Review

Massimo (Michael Klug) is a recovering drug addict, and he thinks he’s finally turned his life around. He’s madly in love with Tien (Christine Nguyen) and is excited to finally bring her to his parents and perhaps smooth over the cracks in their relationship. However, things go wrong when they reject Tien and Massimo is heartbroken.

He goes back to his apartment and hears a knock on the door, a woman comes in and before he realises it, he’s been bitten by a shape shifting creature that’s turning him into one of her own. Desperate to keep Tien away, he’s forced to start a new life with Sofia (Meghan Deanna Kingsley) as she converts him to her side and his bloodlust grows stronger.

Blood Covered Chocolate is a horror movie written and directed by Monte Light which puts its lead into an incredible situation from which he can see no escape. Shot mostly in black and white with the occasionally interesting imagery, Blood Covered Chocolate may not be to everybody’s taste.

Despite the set up and seemingly interesting premise, the audience may be under the impression that the movie may have something to say about either Massimo’s drug addiction or his relationship with Tien. It’s a shame then that there seems to be very little subtext as to why Massimo’s life is taken over in such a way.

It’s also unfortunate that director Light chose to shoot his film in black and white because there may be some who are interested in a horror movie portrayed in such a different way. Although it seems they may eventually realise that this presentation is an attempt to disguise the fact that there isn’t much plot or coherence.

Worst of all comes the ending which may have added an interesting plot twist, if it weren’t already such a tired cliché about the state of mental health.

To portray a film in such a way as to suggest an artistic flair and then give such a lazy ending contradicts itself in the worst way. Ending up exposing itself for what it really is – a movie that wants to succeed, but gets in its own way.

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