Money Shot: The Pornhub Story – The BRWC Review

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story - The BRWC Review

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story – The BRWC Review. By Jake Peffer.

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story takes an in depth look at the website from how it got started to its recent backlash. Pornhub has managed to become the internet’s most famous adult entertainment platform. This has allowed sex workers and content creators the ability to showcase their work and make a profit from it. The company itself has gone on to make billions of dollars making it one of the biggest websites in the world. Recent allegations of the site allowing underage content and non-consensual material has caused outrage with anti-trafficking organizations seeking justice for the victims and for the website to be shut down entirely.

Director Suzanne Hillinger expertly creates an engaging documentary about a subject that is often seen as taboo. She does a great job showcasing the opinions and perspectives of both sides. There are many interviews throughout that include the content creators who are just trying to make a living by uploading their content to the website, as well as those against what the website has allowed to be shown on the site including minors and non-consensual videos. It is refreshing to see a documentary not lean to one side or the other and showcase the opinions of people from different walks of life.

The film never glorifies sex work but shows just how big the industry is and how valuable it is for certain people’s way of living. A few content creators get to showcase how they produce their own content and how much work they actually put into it to make a living. Getting to see these people and just how important this lifestyle is for them makes the documentary feel more personal. Things get even more personal when the allegations and lawsuits against the website start coming into play.

Many women have come forward to call out Pornhub for allowing videos that they didn’t consent to, to be posted on the website. It is heartbreaking seeing young women talk about these videos not being taken down, or finally being taken down but then uploaded continuously as the owners of the website don’t take these matters as seriously as they should. These allegations have caused the industry to change over the past few years including even sites like Twitter and Instagram to get more strict on what type of content is allowed to be posted.

Overall, this is a great look into one of the adult entertainment industry’s biggest websites. Seeing the different perspectives from all walks of life allows the documentary to show an unbiased look into  a touchy subject. Money Shot: The Pornhub Story does what all documentary’s should do, make you care about a subject that you may not have had any interest in before and showing you the good and the bad that comes from it.

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