Molli And Max In The Future: Review

Molli And Max In The Future: Review

Taking place in the future, and in space, the movie follows Molli and Max, two people that continue to run into each other over the course of twelve years. Throughout the years they build a good friendship and learn many things about one another but are never quite sure if they can take the next step. Both Molli and Max have their own adventures throughout the twelve years as well as many encounters together that continue to grow themselves closer to one another.

How ridiculous can a movie be? Molli and Max in the Future might just take the prize in that debate. This is a movie that tries its hardest to be over-the-top insane. Setting a romantic comedy in the future and in space sets the filmmakers up for so many possibilities to get weird and this movie doesn’t shy away from getting weird. Whether it’s using a futuristic box to see how well sex is going to go between two people or characters having sex with giant tentacles, this is a movie that likes to get crazy.

Utilizing a lot of green screen for the space effects makes things look overly cheesy, yet at the same time it adds a little bit of charm. The filmmakers clearly are trying to make things as goofy as possible when it comes to predicting the future and for the most part it works well enough. One of the biggest strengths of the movie is the chemistry between Molli, who is played by Zosia Mamet, and Max, played by Aristotle Athari. Both actors play off of each other expertly and their performances are the highlight of the movie.

While this romantic comedy has its heart in the right place it feels like it’s missing something in the comedy department. There aren’t many funny moments throughout the movie. Some one liners do work and there some humorous moments from time to time but ultimately the movie ends up being not all that funny. The over-the-top humor can be a bit grating at times as it feels like the filmmakers are trying too hard to be funny causing most of those jokes to just fall flat.

In the end, Molli and Max in the Future is a small indie comedy that wants to be more than it actually plays out to be. While there is plenty to enjoy it feels like there is something missing throughout the runtime. The two leads work well together and add a lot of heart to the story. It falls just shy of being a worthwhile watch but it isn’t a total misfire either. Despite setting its aspirations high the movie settles for just being average.

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