The Welder: Review

Eliza (Camilla Rodriguez) and Roe (Roe Dunkley) are a couple who have gone through some tough times. Eliza especially has a lot of past trauma to deal with, although Roe has been the one person she was able to rely on and help her trust again.

Finding a place online, they think the time is right to have a break, so Roe books their accommodation and they set out to a place far away. There they meet William (Vincent De Paul), a seemingly nice man, but someone with an air of mystery about him which left him disturbed.

However, Eliza and Roe want to make the best of their time alone together, although as soon as they find out what William has been doing in his spare time, they decide to get out of there as soon as they can.

The Welder is an atmospheric horror movie directed by David Liz and co-written by Manuel Delgadillo. Presented as a cross between Get Out and The Island of Doctor Moreau, William’s true intentions aren’t revealed until the final act of the movie. This helps to build the tension slowly as the audience may start to speculate on what’s behind his basement door.

Rodriguez and Dunkley have good chemistry and make for a believable couple and De Paul’s performance is suitably deranged, managing to stop short of being a parody. There’s also a very disturbing performance from Crist Moward as William’s employee, Don which helps to forward the social commentary. Something which divides viewers usually is well handled and those looking for blood and gore will be eventually rewarded.

That’s because as the movie reaches its final act, the tone changes completely. Although audiences will be aware that The Welder is a horror movie, it may suit those more interested in effects and body horror.

Saying that though, the reveal of what’s really going on in William’s mind manages to maintain the overall message of the movie without coming across as too jarring. However, there’s a confusing shift in Eliza’s story and sadly by the end it may undermine what the movie wanted to say.

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