Lonesome: Review

Casey (Josh Lavery) is a young man setting out in Sydney for the first time. However, it’s not really his own choice because something happened in his small town which outed him and practically made him a pariah.

His parents are coming around to the revelation about his sexuality, but it’s clear from the messages that he gets from them that they have a way to go. So, Casey sets out to find somebody to stay with and meets Tib (Daniel Gabriel) and they find themselves starting a relationship. The trouble is that stepping into something so new for Casey may start to overwhelm him.

Lonesome is an Australian drama written and directed by Craig Boreham, telling a story about a gay man’s first real adult experiences in the city. Dressed in blue jeans, a white t shirt and a cowboy hat, Casey couldn’t stick out any more if he tried, and his nerves clearly come through.

However, this may be down to Lavery’s lack of experience as an actor because for the most part, Casey is a quiet and thoughtful character. This may help the audience to imprint what they believe he may be thinking onto him or to wonder what they’d do in his shoes. Although it may also distance them from him as the audience isn’t really given much to go on to make up their mind.

Lonesome is also an unfiltered look at a gay relationship and so audiences may have to decide what side they fall on in terms of what they want to see in such a movie. There is a lot of nudity and sex where some may see this is a true depiction of the many facets of a gay relationship, whereas others may tire of the gratuitous nudity.

There are themes of loneliness throughout the movie with Casey being the obvious focus and one crossed wire encounter with an older woman. However, it never really goes deeper than surface level to inform the audience properly as to what they should be thinking about Casey’s situation.

All in all though despite Casey’s cautiousness and concerns, it shows that connections are what he really needs.

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