Keeping Secrets: Review

Keeping Secrets: Review

Samantha Walker (Bridgette Michelle Bentley) is a police officer with a no nonsense attitude who gets the job done. Willing to do almost anything to prove her worth, she’s assigned to go undercover at a local strip club where some dancers have gone missing. Reluctant at first, Samantha is a professional and wants to do what she can to see justice done.

However, her journey into the seedy underbelly of escorts and call girls may start to lead her out of her depth.

Keeping Secrets is a thriller written and directed by Omegia Keeys about a woman taken out of her comfort zone to uncover a killer. Unfortunately, despite being written and directed by a woman in a genre which may prompt the male gaze, the movie doesn’t really have a distinctive voice.

For a movie which is about a powerful woman in a position of authority, an audience may think that there may be some kind of spin on the plot or something that they could hold on to in order to keep their interest. However, it’s about as straightforward as it comes.

Keeping Secrets also seems to be far more interested in its plot than its characters, which for a film that’s just over two hours is quite impressive. However, just when the plot seems to be moving along, director Keeys slows things down to a halt so that a minor character can do a long monologue. For a movie about strippers, in terms of characters it may have been better to show and not tell.

This makes the pacing of Keeping Secrets painfully slow. Something which could have had at least a half hour cut from its runtime feels as long as Return of The King and has just as many endings.

There are also various plot points thrown around which are incredibly predictable and drag out the movie even longer.

Keeping Secrets has little characterisation, little to no chemistry between its lead characters and a simplistic plot which could have been an easy watch. However, it feels like wading through treacle, making the audience think that Keeping Secrets should have been kept that way – a secret.

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