Boyz In The Wood: Review

Boyz In The Wood: Review

Boyz In The Wood: Review. By Joe Muldoon.

When we think of Ilford and its surrounding areas, the possible presence of wild cats is fairly unlikely to spring to mind. That is, unless you’re the eccentric Rayan (BAFTA-winning Adam Deacon), a bumbling buffoon and aspiring documentarian who hopes to pave his way to media stardom.

After enlisting the help of his initially-reluctant younger cousin Babar (Tobias Jowett), the pair set off to create a documentary exploring the rumours of big cats roaming the area. As they begin to interview some of the peculiar residents of the area, stories begin to emerge of alleged sightings, most of which being in the nearest woodlands.

Things go slightly awry for the twosome as they realise how woefully unprepared they are to make a compelling documentary, and their two camera crew members’ morale scarcely lifts itself above the ground of the muddy fields they explore together. For a good chunk of the film’s second half, the search for these apparently-fierce felines is put on the backburner, instead focusing more on Rayan and Babar’s shenanigans and lively banter.

As was fairly certain from the outset, the hapless duo stood no chance of finding any prowling jaguars on the loose, but the old internet-created pirate adage applies here: the real treasure is not what waits at the end, but is instead the adventure they share together.

A post-lockdown satirical mockumentary on a shoestring budget, Boyz In The Wood is delightfully charming, and offers some genuinely hilarious film references, including a nod to the iconic plane sequence in Hitchcock’s classic North By Northwest.

The acting may seem clunky and unbelievable in parts to some not from Britain, but it’s fair to say that we Brits have all met a few Rayans in our time. With director Damian Power coming from a Reality TV background (from Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex, no less), this gem is a great segue into an independent film career, and one that has plenty of laughs in store.

By Joe Muldoon

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