The Tomorrow Job: Review

Lee (Grant Schumacher) is an expert in his field and that field is theft. Being brought in for a job, Lee sees nothing unusual except for when the heist will take place. A new technology has been developed which can transfer a person’s consciousness into the future and into their body, so that from that point they can do what needs to be done and Lee can use it to his advantage.

However, Lee needs help and enlists Sophia (Ariella Mastroianni) and Finn (Caitlin Duffy) to help him in what seems to be an impossible job. Things go awry though when the laws of time start to get in the way and they have to decide how to proceed in order to pull things off.

The Tomorrow Job is a sci-fi action thriller written and directed by Bruce Wemple and seems to be his most ambitious yet. Clearly taking inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s obsession with time travel, Wemple has orchestrated something which may even impress Nolan himself. An original idea which combines all the right element, it may even convince some people that it pulls it off.

The problem is that like much of Christopher Nolan’s work itself, The Tomorrow Job is too complicated for its own good. Unfortunately, this means that whereas Nolan’s movies let the audience decide what’s happening, Wemple’s script doesn’t feel as confident. Meaning that every so often a character has the urge to explain what’s going on to another character and indeed the audience.

There are also deep explorations of the theory of time travel, often which are things that sci-fi loving movie buffs will know and it starts to feel a little too much.

Other elements are also added, but frustratingly get less explanation which may lead audiences wondering about the finer details. The added villain simply known as The Organiser (William Champion) brings a completely different element, which only adds another level of danger for no reason and ultimately, feels completely ineffective and lacking agency.

Also, when you think about it, even the element of time travel isn’t needed as among the action set pieces it adds little to the plot.

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