Slash/Back: Review

Maika (Tasiana Shirley) her family and friends live in the little hamlet of Pangnirtung in the Qikiqtaaluk region of the Canadian territory of Nunavat. She has a small group of friends and still being in their early teens they’re still trying to figure everything out. Maika has learned some skills from her parents though and they have made her hunting instincts excel beyond her age. Although hopefully she’ll never need them.

However, one day whilst out with her friends they see a large polar bear running towards them, but something about it doesn’t feel quite right. Things escalate and thankfully with quick thinking and a careful aim, Maika is able to save her sister when she’s attacked.

Unshaken by their encounter, they all go home, but something seems to have made that bear behave strangely and it’s starting to affect the other animals as well.

Slash/Back is a Canadian horror comedy Shudder Original about a group of teenage girls who fight off an alien invasion from their home. Viewers may instantly think that it’s trying to copy Stranger Things, but with its rather inexperienced cast, director Nyla Innuksuk relies on the chemistry between the girls which makes it feel different.

As the action increases, as does the comedy and there are some laugh out loud moments as the girls are forced into defending themselves. Some witty dialogue is passed off well by the cast, with Maika’s friend Uki (Nalajoss Ellsworth) being a particular stand out and audiences may start to be reminded of films such as Shaun of The Dead and Attack the Block.

The premise for the movie is also rather unique, not only with its beautiful setting, but with its almost Invasion of The Bodysnatchers meets The Thing set up. The special effects may not be the best, but some may appreciate the practical effects more, with interesting physical performances and hauntingly rubber faces.

Those looking for something a bit more intense and scarier may go away wanting more. Although for those looking for a horror inflected adventure, they may be surprised with something that thinks outside the box.

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