Surrogate: Review

Surrogate: Review

Natalie Paxton (Kestie Morassi) and her daughter, Rose (Taysha Farrugia) live with her mother, Anna (Louise Siverson). Natalie is a nurse and does well with providing for her daughter as well as adjusting to being single. However, Rose misses her father terribly and Natalie is worried. She gets even more worried when Rose tells her that somebody has been keeping her awake by pinching her at night.

Then suddenly one night Natalie wakes up in immense pain and starts bleeding profusely. She’s rushed to hospital where she’s the doctor tells her that she’s lucky to be alive considering that she had recently given birth. Shocked by the revelation, Natalie strongly disputes that she’s just had a child but child services are brought in and she’s introduced to Lauren (Jane Badler) who is convinced that Natalie has done something wrong.

Pleading her innocence doesn’t seem to make any difference either and when Lauren comes for a home visit and finds bruises on Rose’s back, it only gets worse. However, Natalie becomes slowly convinced that something more supernatural is affecting her daughter.

Surrogate is an Australian supernatural thriller directed by David Willing and co-written by Beth King. At first there may be something very familiar with Surrogate as you don’t have to go far from horror stories about single mothers scared that their child is in danger without thinking of The Babadook. However, Surrogate is something altogether more conventional, but still quite affective.

The story of Surrogate is that of a mystery and director Willing unfurls the story slowly, leaving little clues here and there and revealing the mystery piece by piece until it’s all laid out. Those looking for a jump scare a minute may not be interested, but those looking for a horror film done well with the right elements played out just at the right time may love it.

There’s nothing better than curling up in front of a great horror as it tells you a story. With an intriguing plot and one of the best séance scenes you are likely to ever see then Surrogate may be the best horror you see this year.

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