From The Hood To The Holler: Review

American politics plays out differently to any other politics in the world. With a two-party race you’re either on one side or the other and often entire states will be associated with either being red or blue. Kentucky is one of those states. With Republican politician Mitch McConnell being Kentucky’s senator since 1985 as well, it seems all but impossible to even think that somebody could try to topple the notorious Senate leader.

However, Charles Booker may be that man and the story of his campaign is a familiar one, but one that brings hope for the future.

From the Hood to The Holler is a documentary about Charles Booker and his attempt to bring a red state over to the blue and to speak for the people who don’t have an equal say in America. As he says himself, his family were poor and even his teachers thought that he wouldn’t amount to anything, so his determination is all that more powerful.

Also, it seems that Booker’s campaign either came at the worst or the best time for him because alongside a global pandemic came an uprising in the Black Lives Matter movement. Although Booker would never use either to tug on the emotions of his voters, it was surely a time where we were all trying to come together and solve a widespread problem.

Telling the story of Charles Booker’s rise in the political field could have either gone two ways. It could have been a biopic which talks about his personal life and his family and how he struggled against the odds all his life. It also could have been an inspirational story about the first black man to run for the senate in Kentucky.

From the Hood to The Holler keeps a balance between the two though, even if it’s hard to deny Booker’s place in political history – especially when he says himself that he doesn’t want to put on a pedestal in that way.

Whatever you see in Charles Booker’s story, it’s a tale of a man coming from nowhere and believing that he can make a difference and seeing it through. The politics may be portrayed far more dramatically than anywhere else in the world, but the impact feels just as important.

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