The Bloody Man: Review

The Bloody Man: Review

Sam Harris (David Daniel) is still grieving over the loss of his mother. He seems to be the only one that’s really suffering as well what with his sister, Amy (Olivia Sanders) being too young to understand and Sam’s older brother, Michael (Sam Hadden) too concerned with things that concern teenage boys. Even his dad, Daniel (Jeremy Carr) has moved on and remarried after meeting Kim (Tuesday Knight).

Sam is also a typical boy of his age and is obsessed with comic books and a TV hero from a cartoon show called Barbarian Man. However, there’s also the legend of The Bloody Man which creeps into Sam’s young mind and even though it may scare him, he can’t help but tell the story of how he came about.

The trouble is that the more The Bloody Man is remembered, the stronger his presence becomes before he’s able to come into the Harris family’s lives and torment them for real.

The Bloody Man is a horror movie and homage to everything Eighties directed by Daniel Benedict and co-written by Casi Clark. However, despite some good moments, there’s definitely room for improvement.

Firstly, The Bloody Man is far too long and could have done with having about an hour cut from it’s run time. With so much time spent on building up the arrival of The Bloody Man, too much time in the movie is taken up and rather than suspenseful storytelling, it comes across as meandering plot with little direction.

Secondly, once The Bloody Man does arrive then his presence is rather underwhelming partly due Nicholas Redd’s performance and partly because of the lack of thought of his character design. There’s not much scary about a man in robes with a smattering of fake blood poured over his bald head, but at least the production tries.

There are some interesting parts in the third act, but they feel rather out of place considering the rest, but at least it may wake up some audience members. Sam’s rotoscoped comic book imagination brought to life is a particular highlight. Also, Amy’s retelling of the story of The Bloody Man is adorable. However, it’s all very little too very late and a waste of time for what seems to be the first draft of a horror movie.

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