Movers Ultimate: Review

Chad (Andy J. Carlson) and Ryan (Shawn Knox) are best friends who work for a removal company called Movers Ultimate. Chad is getting tired of the job and he’s disrespectful to his boss whereas Ryan is going through some relationship issues and is being offered a promotion. They’re very different sides of the same coin but somehow, they work well together.

Then one day Chad and Ryan are brought to Meredith’s (Annalese Poorman) house, a woman moving after a divorce whose adult children want the best for her. However, what starts out as a typical day at work turns into something more demanding as Meredith doesn’t really know what she wants. This leads Chad and Ryan to do their best to make their day go smoothly, no matter what obstacles are thrown at them.

Movers Ultimate is a work-based comedy written and directed by Ben Rood. Billed as the next Office Space, it’s clear where Movers Ultimate draws its inspiration and as the story unfolds, the audience may be reminded of comedies such as Clerks and maybe even a little Dumb and Dumber. However, Movers Ultimate may be a comedy about the gripes of a couple of manual labourers, but it still has a heart.

Rood’s script is what makes Movers Ultimate work so well and whilst comparing itself to other comedies focussing on ordinary people, it’s safe to say that it delivers on that promise. Carlson and Knox also have a good chemistry and their friendship is believable despite their differences.

Their characters are also shown to have more depth than first impressions allow which shows that Movers Ultimate is not just a comedy about dude bros, for dude bros.

There’s also a surprising amount of material that is brought out of working in a removal company and as everybody has had to move once in their lives, there’s plenty in which to relate. In fact, there are many moments which may make the audience smile or laugh out loud no matter what side of the experience you’ve had.

Perhaps not all the actors are suited for the challenge that comedy brings and there may be one too many, but Movers Ultimate sets itself a high bar and just about reaches it.

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