Four Samosas: Review

Four Samosas: Review

Four Samosas: Review. By Jake Peffer.

Four Samosas follows Vinny (Venk Potula), a rather lazy South Asian American wannabe rapper. When he finds out that his ex-girlfriend Rina is getting married, he hatches a plan to sabotage the wedding. He recruits three of his friends to help him break into Rina’s Father’s grocery store to steal her wedding diamonds thus disrupting her engagement. Vinny hopes that this will persuade her to call off the wedding and possibly come by to him.

It’s nice to see when a movie can come out and be different and add a touch of its own unique style. The best thing Four Samosas has going for it is the way that it’s filmed. The entire movie is present in a 4:3 format and surprisingly that does add a little something unique when watching. There’s a nice presence on screen of South Asian culture that is a welcome addition to a comedy, which is a genre you don’t typically see a lot from that community. Unfortunately, outside of that there isn’t much else going for Four Samosas.

I’m all for quirky comedies and having strange characters who get into zany situations but the problem here is it feels like they are constantly trying too hard. Everything is turned up to an eleven and it’s all so over exaggerated that it gets tiresome halfway through. The movie is only an hour and twenty minutes so the fact that it doesn’t take long for the one note jokes to get old really says a lot. It would be one thing if some of the characters were redeemable or even the slightest bit likeable but that’s not the case here. All these characters just don’t really add anything to make you care about what they’re doing, and they are all trying way too hard for a laugh that it just gets brutal at times to watch.

I wish there was more positives I could say about Four Samosas but there just isn’t enough here to really enjoy. Director Ravi Kapoor does have an interesting style in filming the movie but other than that there’s nothing to grab onto to get you invested for the short run time. If you happen to be fans of anyone involved it might be worth a watch but I would say to skip it because there really isn’t anything here to justify checking it out.

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