Echoes Of The Empire – Beyond Genghis Khan: Review

Land-locked between Russian, China, North Korea and Kazakhstan, Mongolia is a country that often seems to be forgotten and mainly because of the superpowers that surround it. There are also very few things known about Mongolia and much of that is about Genghis Khan who to the rest of the world sounded like a tyrannical ruler who attacked his enemies and took what he wanted.

However, to Mongolians, Genghis Khan was a ruler and a man ahead of his time he did what he could for the best of his country. His views were passed on to his people and some of those ways of life are still practiced today.

Echoes of The Empire – Beyond Genghis Khan is a documentary about Mongolia that starts with Genghis Khan’s rule and ends right in the present day. Telling the story of Genghis Khan through a different lens also shows a different side to the infamous ruler.

Whereas some may have seen his methods as ruthless and immoral, the Mongolian people see things differently and their former ruler’s actions brought about prosperity to their country. Not only that, but a very different society where women are encouraged to seek out education and employment over men.

However, there is also a side to Mongolia’s history that they’d rather forget. That’s because Communist rule meant that teachings and any mention of Genghis Khan were forbidden for nearly 70 years. So modern Mongolians are starting to learn about Genghis Khan and his legacy, meaning that a country once governed by an oppressive rule can embrace their history and be proud once again.

Echoes of The Empire charts Mongolia’s history, but also comes down firmly in the modern day. Not only talking about the rising Mongolian cityscapes, but also its vast and beautiful countryside which creates an unusual divide where progress meets tradition and heritage.

The documentary shows that Mongolia is not a country stuck in the past or a place that wants to hide from the world anymore. Instead, it’s a country that wants to learn from others and maybe dispel the misconceptions that have been held over the country for so long.

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