Science Friction: Review

Science Friction

We all like to believe in certain things, fantasies and dreams that take us away from our realities for a couple of hours or so. That’s part of the reason why we go to the cinema or spend hours binging a TV show at home. However, there are some shows which present themselves equally as fact and fiction and it’s up to the viewer to decide what’s real and what’s not.

There are many shows which are presented on channels like The History and Discovery Channel which also cross this border between fact and fiction. They present the evidence, talk to experts and sometimes even show footage to back up their claims. Although those who are unaware as to what they are doing, may be duped into believing that what they say is true.

Science Friction is a documentary that exposes these kind of science shows for what they really are and the tricks they use in order to present a fantasy as reality. Using some of the same techniques as these shows, they talk to experts such as Michael Shermer and Richard Dawkins as well as comedians interested in science like Matt Kirshen and Brian Malow. All of whom share their experiences with these kinds of shows.

Pseudo-scientific shows with crazy titles, to serious documentaries that have cut corners to spread lies are all explored. All proving the astonishing levels that these shows go to in the name of entertainment.

There may be a certain kind of audience who likes watching the ‘science’ shows that pretend to have found Atlantis or have evidence of UFOs. Mostly it would be nice to assume that these people like watching these in the same ways as they watch action-packed, mind-numbing movies.

However, there are other people and other kinds of shows that seem to genuinely believe that what they’re presenting is true. Shows that present ‘evidence’ that the MMR vaccine causes autism and shows made by the BBC which show evidence of the miraculous effects of acupuncture. That’s when the documentary becomes really eye opening. Especially whilst they discuss how misinformation was so easily manipulated to discredit the science behind the pandemic.

Science Friction may start out as a few scientists complaining about how they were misled, but the truth is there for people who want to understand more. It may not show anything new to people who don’t believe these shows from the start. However, it may wake somebody up just as they were going to watch something like Mysterious Aliens from Below the Earth.

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