Sex, Love Misery: New New York – Review

Love, Sex, Misery: New New York - Review

Dating is hard and it seems like it’s especially hard right now. The world seems to be consumed with social media, so meeting somebody face to face and feeling that instant chemistry with somebody seems like a lost feeling.

Sex, Love Misery: New New York is a heart-warming documentary directed by Shannon Alexander that explores the new world of dating and what people really mean when the text that they sent isn’t entirely clear. Following four potential couples; Aisha, Emile, Izzie, Troy, Jack and Camilla, Sex, Love Misery shows an unfiltered reaction from both sides. Starting from the initial few texts to the first date and whatever goes beyond that point.

Going back and forth between each person, Sex, Love, Misery introduces each potential single without any judgment or subtext as to how Alexander is trying to frame her subjects. Instead, each person is shown up front and as the couples get to know each other, so do the audience.

First impressions count though, so at first the audience may find that they can’t help judging some people. However, through the different interviews at each stage of their budding relationships, the audience may realise that there are different sides to these people. They may even find that every one of them has something holding them back from true love.

There are issues though as despite its relatively short time of just over an hour, the audience may be forgiven for forgetting about some of the people involved. There are certainly some couples who get on better than others and this unfortunately exposes some flaws in the format of the documentary.

Where a lot of dating reality shows that like to have its audience like a fly on a wall, Sex, Love, Misery decides not to show the actual dates, preferring to go for the before and after. This means that where one couple in particular get a lot of screen time, others get barely any at all and it may have been interesting to see exactly how some dates went wrong.

Saying that though, Sex, Love, Misery: New New York will lift your heart and leave you with a smile. It helps that Shannon Alexander has brought out so much from the people in the documentary as it feels like we really get to know them. It may even reignite hope for love in such an uncertain time.

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