Coast: Review

Abby Evans (Fatima Ptacek) is a bit of a rebel. She listens to rock music, gets her nose pierced because she thinks it looks cool and dyes her hair strange colours. Besides that, she does everything else that a typical teenage girl would do. She gets into fights with her friends, argues with her mother and does anything she can to find out who she really is in the world.

Then one day she meets Dave (Kane Richotte) and he has the potential to change her life forever. Dave is the singer in a band who find themselves stuck in Abby’s sleepy town. However, as soon as he sees her, Dave sees that Abby is so much more than a simple, but alternative teenage girl. This leaves Abby with a choice as to whether she should follow her heart or her head.

Coast is a teenage melodrama directed by Jessica Hester and Derek Schweickart in their feature debut and written by Cindy Kitagawa in her feature writing debut. However, although this teenage coming of age drama is something that often speaks to many teenagers all over the world, it may have an unintentionally wider appeal.

Being set in a small town, the audience may start to wonder where or even when Coast is set. That’s because besides a brief glimpse of a cellphone, wireless headphones and a very brief mention of Harry Styles, Coast could have easily been set in the Nineties.

Whereas this forgoes the cliches of social media, self-obsessed teenagers who are overwhelmed with body issues, it does unfortunately open it up to other cliches. So, where Abby is living her best life, there are moments such as random arguments and heavy-handed bits of teenage melodrama which could appeal as much to teenage girls now as it would to their mothers.

Abby’s characterisation is also a cliché all of her own where one minute she’s skateboarding and listening to music while wearing her cap backwards and the next she’s fawning over a lead singer in a band.

However, there’s also a different issue with the involvement of Melissa Leo because if it were another actress, it may be excused, but Leo’s involvement has very little to do with the rest of the film and could have been excluded entirely. It seems that Coast is trying to appeal to as many teenage girls as possible, but doing so by throwing everything in at once and sees what sticks.

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