The Last Tourist: Review

The Last Tourist

We have opportunities to go anywhere in the world if we choose to do so. In recent years our travelling has become limited, but every day it seems that these avenues of adventure are opening back up again as we tentatively step back into the world to remind us of what it offers. There are price rates that suit all kinds of budgets as well, so providing what you want, where you want to go and how much you’re willing to pay, then the world is your oyster.

However, there are things we have to take into account when we travel. Things such as climate change and our carbon footprints that have an effect on how the world changes around us. Also, the places we go may be places of great beauty and nature, undisturbed by human life for centuries, until they become a tourist hotspot.

The Last Tourist is a documentary about the tourism trade and the effects that it has on many aspects of life. Things such as environment, animal cruelty, the diminishing traditions of local cultures and the rise of more harmful traditions are all openly and honestly explained with their links to tourism. The Last Tourist tells its audience exactly where tourism started to go wrong and how we as a society do things that affect the world without even realising it.

Some of the areas that the documentary talks about are as simple as how you choose to get around the world. Starting with things like cruise liners and safaris, The Last Tourist shows in no uncertain terms exactly what things are done to get the most money out of us.

The Last Tourist is also a very thorough documentary and shows us things we may not have considered. Things such as places where hopeful and bright-eyed teenagers look to make a difference in the world, but are only there to reinforce a stereotype whilst hoping for change. The Last Tourist may even open the eyes of some viewers who have had such experiences, making them realise what they’re doing wrong.

Things aren’t all bad though as The Last Tourist also talks about how we can still travel the world and help others. By being a responsible tourist and putting in the research before we just fly to whatever country and book into a five-star hotel. The documentary shows how we could have a really unique and special experience if only we were willing to put the work in.

The world is still opening up and there are more opportunities for places to go and things to do. However, The Last Tourist may be something to watch before you pack your bags and head for the sun.

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