The Audition: Review

The Audition: Review

The Audition: Review. By Jake Peffer.

The Audition follows Anna Bronsky, a violin teacher who takes on a young man named Alexander who she sees great talent in. Going against the advice of her colleagues she prepares Alexander for the year end exam. She puts a lot of time and effort into training Alexander, so much so that she starts to neglect her own son Jonas. Jonas also plays the violin but starts to resent Anna when she starts devoting so much time to another boy.

Anna’s husband Philippe also starts to feel neglected once Anna starts spending the rest of her time joining a music group. Does Anna continue pushing Alexander and practicing for her own music concert or does she realize just how much she is affecting Jonas and her husband?

Director Ina Weisse does a great job here moving the story along quite nicely and getting some good performances out of her actors. Despite being somewhat slow moving the pacing here actually works to the movies benefit. We get a lot of time with Anna and get to see all her flaws. There is a lot of depth to her character, and we really get to see how conflicted she becomes over the course of the movie. It helps that Nina Hoss, who plays Anna, gives a really great performance that lets you see all the ins and out of this character.

There isn’t much here to pick apart. While not everything is pitch perfect this hits all the right notes to make everything competent enough to call it a success. Aside from Nina Hoss everyone else in the cast all give good performances. All the scenes feel very genuine as the writing is put together very well. The only thing missing here is just a little bit of a wow factor.

Everything is well done but there’s nothing that puts this completely over the edge as something great. That’s not to downplay anything about The Audition as it is a solid movie overall.

In the end, The Audition works about as well as it should. Ina Weisse puts together a very well-made movie with good performances and some beautiful music that is played throughout. While I wouldn’t say it reaches greatness status it isn’t far off from getting there and is worth seeking out.

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