Is Kenneth Branagh The Best Poirot Ever?

Kenneth Branagh

Is Kenneth Branagh the Best Poirot Ever?

Kenneth Branagh’s version of Hercule Poirot is back in Death on the Nile, a modern adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel. The actor and director has made the role his own, and this iteration of the character is a far cry from versions we’ve seen in the past. The 61-year-old clearly relishes the part, and it has brought out his most flamboyant side.

Five actors have played the great Belgian detective over the years, including David Suchet on television, and Peter Ustinov, Tony Randall, and Austin Trevor in film. There is hot dispute over who did the best job at bringing him to life on the screen. Some viewers love Branagh’s version, while others have a different actor in mind.

Poirot is One of Fiction’s Most Prevalent Characters

It’s hard to think of characters who have been in as many works of fiction as Poirot. He appeared in more than 80 novels and short stories and is easily Christie’s most celebrated creation. He’s also been represented in film, television, games, radio, and on the stage. Indeed, in all these various formats he’s been played by more than 20 actors.

The only character who could beat Poirot in terms of prevalence is Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective appeared in fewer novels and short stories than Poirot, but he has had a more mainstream and enduring legacy. This is highlighted by the way he is still at the forefront of the entertainment. There have been plenty of twists on the character’s world as well. Recent offerings like Enola Holmes and The Irregulars on Netflix explore other sides to the Baker Street legend. Then there are titles like Sherlock and Moriarty Wowpot at Betway Online Casino that delve into the relationship between Holmes and his most famous nemesis. For Poirot to challenge Holmes for notoriety, he would need to be represented on all these modern platforms as well.

Audiences Split Over Branagh’s Version

Poirot is a character bursting with pretentiousness, which is why Branagh is so well suited to the role. He is able to bring his stage experience and training from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to the part. In addition to acting as Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, Branagh directed the contemporary versions of these films, so he had a huge influence on the construction of this version of the character.

Branagh’s pictures are lavish and use modern-day filming methods to create an authentic and immersive experience. The wardrobe and set designs are perfect and take viewers back to the early 20th century. Some fans have claimed that Branagh’s version is not true to the character, though, as he is sometimes a tad too foolish. He also engages in a couple of action sequences, something that you couldn’t really imagine the unassuming Poirot of Christie’s novels doing. Other fans believe this rendition to be the best, as it is more rounded than previous Poirot performances from the past. Check out 50 free spins.

Many Believe Suchet to Give the Best Rendition

One of the reasons why Branagh may have struggled to win some Poirot fans over is because Suchet’s portrayal of the detective was so perfect. He starred in Agatha Christie’s Poirot from ITV Studios from 1989 to 2013, appearing in 70 episodes across 13 seasons. According to The New York Times, many people believed he embodied the character flawlessly and, when you think of Poirot, his face is likely to be the first that springs to mind. The ITV series adapted the whole of Christie’s Poirot catalogue and enabled Suchet to become the world-renowned deductive thinker.

Perhaps for Branagh to ever challenge Suchet as the best Poirot ever, he will need to appear in a vast number of films. This will allow viewers to begin associating the actor with the role, in the same way that Suchet became synonymous with it during his days as the character. There are already plans in place for another instalment of Branagh’s Poirot adaptations and, if it is as successful as the others, it stands to reason that he would want to make more. As noted in BRWC, Death on the Nile was a fine achievement.

Branagh may have brought an interesting twist to Poirot and created some more visually appealing versions of the classic tales, but the Belfast director hasn’t yet become the character in the same way that Suchet did. Suchet will be hard for other actors to beat in their renditions of this legendary detective.

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