Old Windows: Review

Old Windows Looks Great

Kerrie (Laura Bayston) owns a café, it’s a quiet place and as it’s nearing the end of the day and there aren’t any customers then she starts to clear up and get ready to close for the night. That’s when Harry (Larry Lamb) comes in; sharply dressed with a swept back haircut and a rather intimidating demeanour. Startling Kerrie who’s dancing to music while she finishes up her working day, he insists on being served. So, she gives him what he ordered and continues what she was doing.

However, Harry is a sociable sort and although his manner is quite abrupt and perhaps lacking tact, he asks Kerrie about her life, her family and her son. What unfolds changes Kerrie’s perceptions of the mysterious elderly gentleman and her life forever.

Old Windows is an intriguing short film written by Laura Bayston and directed by Paul Holbrook. Set in a dingy café which could be anywhere in Britain, Bayton’s script takes two people who may or may not have met before. putting them together in a somewhat tense, but revealing situation.

Both actors play their parts well, with Lamb taking over, becoming a man whose straight-talking attitude may have been due to a life of disappointment. Bayston also makes the audience feel for her in such a short space of time, slowly revealing what is perhaps the reason as to why she’s so guarded.

Audiences may immediately decide what they think about Harry, Kerrie or both of them, but as their conversation goes along then they may start to wonder who these characters are. They may especially take notice when Harry starts asking so many questions about Kerrie, some of which some people may find to be too intrusive to ask somebody you just met.

However, Old Windows although short, is still a story that asks a lot more questions than it answers and as the story develops, it may make the audience speculate on what’s really happening. Is Harry a kindly old man with a blunt manner or is he something more special to Kerrie and her son?

The best way to decide is to seek out Old Windows for yourself

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