For The Sake Of Vicious: Review

For The Sake Of Vicious

Romina (Lora Burke) is a nurse and works long hours so she doesn’t often get time to relax at home. However, one night she has some time off and heads home, only to be met by Chris (Nick Smyth) who has broken into her home and has a man tied to a chair and he looks half beaten to death.

At first, Romina is scared for her life but she calms down once Chris explains to her that the man in the chair raped his daughter and he wants justice. Torn between her medical oath to do no harm and seeing Chris at peace after finally finding the man who raped his daughter, Romina agrees to help and to get a confession. However, confusion arises when she starts to think that Chris has the wrong man and there’s only one way to deal with it.

For the Sake of Vicious is a home invasion horror movie with a twist. Instead of a helpless female victim fighting for her life against an intruder, here we see her as potentially one of the people on the other side of the violence.

For the Sake of Vicious is seemingly a torture porn movie with a conscience, but for those familiar with the genre, the morality of these tales doesn’t last long.

Soon Romina starts to wonder what can be done about the man in the chair and that’s when Chris says he has a plan. What follows is a basic, but very real and terrifyingly disturbing look at how vigilantism can go wrong. It’s also the point where the movie starts to lose its message.

That’s because half of the film does start talking about the moral quandary of what Chris is doing, but then reminds itself hallway through that it is indeed a horror movie and so it feels the need to fill its quota of gore and violence.

For those who are looking for a dark drama that doesn’t pull any punches and explores the grey area of taking the law into your own hands then it may not be for you. For those who want to forget all the things that they’re supposed to think about deeply, then sit back, enjoy the violence and try to ignore the contradictions.

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