Repossession: Review


Jim (Gerald Chew) is at a time in his life where it feels like the world is moving on and he can’t catch up. He’s passed over for promotions and his workmates make fun and belittle him and he feels like he can’t take anymore. Although Jim has a well-paid job, he’s fully aware that people see him differently now and before he knows it, he loses his job.

Undeterred by how he’s been treated, Jim is adamant to keep up his position. Whether that to be in status of his job or in his life. However, the cracks start to show and sooner or later his wife, Linda (Amy Cheng) starts to realise that something is wrong. Jim is also plagued with the guilt from his past when he was in the army and a fellow soldier started behaving strangely.

This and the guilt, remorse and frustration of not knowing where to go now he’s seemingly lost everything is driving Jim to the edge. So much so that a demon is unleashed and determined to make Jim’s life a living hell.

Repossession is a slow burn horror film which uses a middle-aged man on the brink of unemployment as its focus of fear. The thought that one day life will be taken from you in the form of your job and that you will outlive your usefulness is something that plagues us all.

However, Repossession takes all those feelings and then piles them up so high that the slowly building tension may become unbearable. Add to that a little matter of a demon literally manifesting itself in the ones that Jim loves and in an apparition that terrifies him, and Repossession may keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

However, there is a matter of what the filmmakers are really trying to go for which may leave the film a little confused. There’s the metaphor of a man losing his job and therefore his identity and his mind. Then there’s the trauma of having witnessed terrible in his past and it’s unclear what the filmmakers may want to stick with.

Saying all this though, leaving it open to interpretation may be more rewarding for some than others as they watch Jim’s descent into madness.

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