Implanted: Review

In the not-too-distant future, a pharmaceutical company called Dynamic Health Cure have done just that – they’ve created a dynamic health cure called L.E.X.X. Still in its early trial period, Sarah (Michelle Girolami) decides to take a chance and go ahead with the treatment which will implant and artificial intelligence chip into her spine which will help her stay healthier, eradicating any sign of disease or illness.

With the money that the company will give her, Sarah thinks she has nothing to lose. Unfortunately, when L.E.X.X. activates and starts holding her body hostage she realises that she has everything to lose and L.E.X.X. cannot be stopped.

Implanted is a sci-fi thriller directed by Fabien Dufils and co-written by David Bourgie. Clearly inspired by Upgrade, Implanted serves as something of an unofficial sequel with a new character in a somewhat more urgent and dangerous situation.

Soon after Sarah gets acquainted with her new AI companion, things start to go wrong as she realises the consequences of her actions. L.E.X.X. demands that she follow her orders to the letter or else be killed by the implant which is supposed to be saving her life. Clearly distraught and overwhelmed by her situation, Sarah sees that she doesn’t have a choice. So, being torn between caring for her sick mother and having her life being put on the line, Sarah goes through with L.E.X.X.’s plan and the killing spree she has in mind.

Implanted is indeed a well-made drama and for those who have not seen Upgrade then they may find the film to be something refreshing and thoughtful. However, for those who have already seen Leigh Whannell’s 2018 thriller then the comparisons will be hard to deny and the faults with Implanted will soon become clear.

At first there really doesn’t seem to be much of a reason for Sarah’s decision to take up the experimental treatment. However, as the story unfolds the audience sees her decision process and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much behind it. Sarah seems like an ordinary woman with a nice life and that really isn’t enough for an audience to care about a protagonist.

Secondly, whereas Upgrade had its twists and turns, Implanted is rather straightforward and so once L.E.X.X.’s plans follow through, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere else for the story to go. The reasons behind L.E.X.X.’s plans are also not as well thought out, so where there could have been a bond between host and parasite, it never feels like a worthy cause. A good attempt at trying to do something that other filmmakers have done better, but it clearly shows that it doesn’t have the depth to succeed.

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